Great Employee Experience is the Key to Great Customer Experience.

“If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your business.”

I heard this one somewhere and it struck me. This makes sense.

In every business, we always make sure to satisfy customers and provide them a good experience but what about the employees? Oftentimes businesses overlook a critical business fundamental: if you want happy customers, you have to have happy employees. Customers provide income to the business and that’s how it functions. But who serves these customers? The frontliners right? The employees.

Main goal is to profit. Well, no doubt about that, of course. But for a business to achieve its goals, it should first look at its people. Employees are the greatest resource a company can have. It is the majority of a company. And they oftentimes go unappreciated. Why?

These three things hit me while I was reading our module: Satisfaction, involvement and commitment. Satisfied employees are often the ones ready to offer blood and sweat to the organization. They are so involved with the company’s activities and engaged with the decision making that they feel valued and their every opinion is taken into consideration. Thus development of trust, of commitment is there.

Temkin Group (a customer experience research, consulting, and training team) reports a correlation between employee engagement and success in customer experience. In its 2016 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, the firm showed that companies that excel at customer experience have one-and-a-half times as many engaged employees as customer experience laggards do. They’ve found that a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged, but companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. A study like this is a proof of the fact that employees are customers too—of their company’s products, and potentially of competitors’ products as well.

If employees feel that there is a purpose to their work, then they are more inclined to take it seriously. Engaged employees are typically more productive ( I can attest to that), more considerate of the customer experience, and more likely to stay with the company long enough to develop a powerful understanding of how things work. There is this feeling of accomplishment that boosts employee morale. The employees feel vested in the success of the company and that has a direct impact on revenue. This increase in employee morale can make interactions with customers more positive that can result in more revenue as well. Employees feel responsible for the company success or failure and work harder to create positive results. They’re the people who will deliver loyalty-inspiring customer experience.

While it’s true that you cannot give what you don’t have, employees will never be able to offer what they’ve never experienced. Loyalty, respect, concern for the company—these are earned and employees themselves develop the sense to really care about the organization that cares for them, that respects them, where they belong and where they feel important.

Maybe it’s not because employees are paid well (there are a lot of good paying companies but their people still leave), maybe it’s not because it’s accessible or near the employees’ homes (I’ve known people who travels 2-3 hours everyday just to be at work), maybe it’s not because of the type of work they have (some has a lot to do but they stayed and grew old with the organization), maybe it’s not because people wants to be settled (when you age and has a family, people often desire for stable jobs) BUT maybe because they feel at ease, they feel happy when at work, they enjoy the work, they enjoy the people and that they feel HOME.

Let me quote this from “Give loyalty to get loyalty, and give engagement to get engagement. Give employees the things they need to excel: not just tools and training, but a sense of purpose, autonomy and ownership of their role. Make them proud enough to be ambassadors of your organization.”

Hooray to this longer writings. Let me hear your thoughts! Kindly leave a comment below.:)


5 thoughts on “Great Employee Experience is the Key to Great Customer Experience.

  1. Ken says:

    Great blog! I can attest to it based from my previous work, that if your happy with the work enviroment you tend to be more productive while having a toxic workplace leads to unproductivity.

    Employees are the lifeblood of a company. 🙂


  2. TinFaith says:

    The saying goes “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But almost of us don’t love our jobs, we only work to survive in life. Choosing the job you love takes courage and effort because not all dreams can be true. But eventhough you don’t love your job as long as you have a good company with your workmates it can motivate you to wake up every morning, go to work having a smile in your face.


  3. mundski says:

    Putting employees first is a good idea especially if management listens to their needs and puts them in an environment that fosters and encourages productivity. The ability to streamline as much processes as possible and the gift of foresight and anticipation of problems should be the catalysts to move any company forward this culture of “Employee first” attitude 😀


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