Your workplace and YOU.

You type “Employee behavior“, “Employee productivity” or “ideal workplace” on your search engine (in my case, that’s facebook ^_^ ) and you’ll see thousands of results, consultancy opinions and posts of what it’s all about. Let me share some thoughts about this.

What is it that employees call an ideal workplace? or a dream workplace? What is it that drives them to get themselves up everyday and work their butts off? What makes them lose faith in their employers, or lose motivation in their careers? or makes them look for another job? Think.

The answer is really simple. When they feel it’s not suitable for growth, not an enjoyable place to work with, don’t feel they’re even given importance, doesn’t pay well or that the workplace is becoming toxic, we can arrive to the conclusion that it’s easy to let go of the company you’re working with.

How well do you respond to pressure? To changes? To new management? Are you still growing? Let’s talk about this further. How the company as a whole affects you, how your workmates, your job, your pay, your bosses play a big impact on your stay in a company as well as your behavior in it.

Nowadays, it’s not all about the pay alone that employees look for. Yes, that is important- that is the reason why we work! This world now requires a thought “yes! this is where I want to stay for the rest of my life no matter what” coming from employees. A happy place to be- with cool workmates, great bosses, and happy environment – then certainly this would lead to a great employee performance.

A work environment should strive to encourage positive values and discourage negative influences that affect employees’ behavior or eliminate any bad employee experience. You’d be surprised just how many good people are willing to stick around when you simply have a pleasant place to work. Our work is our bread and butter (Do you agree?) and some are even working harder trying to make both ends meet. Employees should feel safe in the organization, should feel valued, and should feel they’re treated humans as they really are.

Employees are part of the family tree of a company. The ideal situation is one of trust, understanding, and attachment. 

Success of a company depends on its employees. The workforce is an important resource a company can have and it’s always a challenge to attract, retain and motivate people in a company (Human resource people will agree to this!).
How about you, what makes you enjoy your current job? What made you leave the previous one? Or does pay alone matters to you so you just don’t care about anything else? If you’re an employee, soeak it out. You count!

We’ll talk more about the employee behaviour in an organization in the coming modules. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Your workplace and YOU.

  1. TinFaith says:

    Agree, I hope employers can read your blog. Haha! Even how big and popular your company, if you really don’t care about your employees, eventually they will go. Employees are not robots, they have feelings to consider too.


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